Interested in joining us?

We’re now sponsoring individuals who meet the requirements of our sponsorship program. Just view the requirements below and apply if you meet the requirements:

1.) At the beginning of each month we will send you free $50 worth of Spinto Fitness products.

2.) We will give you a unique discount code for your followers to use to get 10% off their orders from us

3.) We pay you a 10% commission for all the revenue you generate for us per month

4.) Greater benefits are up for discussion if you become a quality source of growth for us


You only need to meet ONE of the traffic source requirements listed below:

Over 10,000 followers

Over 10,000 subscribers

** your 1 traffic source that meets these requirements needs to be fitness related **

Brand Rep
Become a brand rep and generate $200 sales in 2 months in a row for us and we’ll also sponsor you.


1.) Pictures and video shout outs published to your social account at least once a month recommending your followers to also follow our social accounts.

2.) Product recommendations to your followers

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